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Clarkson School Of Business Dean Featured On Delta In-flight Radio Program

If you are traveling on Delta Air Lines this sumer, tune in to hear Clarkson University School of Business Dean Tim Sugrue talk about why his B-school graduates are in demand by today's Fortune 500 companies.

Sugrue was interviewed recently for the airline’s in-flight radio program “Best Colleges in America.” He was asked about the changes he has seen in American business and how Clarkson’s curriculum has responded to meet those changes. The four-minute interview will air worldwide on more than 40,000 Delta flights during July and August and will reach more than 6.8 million travelers.

Sugrue told the interviewer that the business curricula came about during the industrial age of specialization and that even though those narrow specializations served business well for a long time, companies are now looking to hire students with much broader skills. “For example,” he said, “finance majors are criticized for knowing too little accounting, accounting majors are criticized for knowing too little finance, and both are criticized for knowing too little management systems.” 

To correct this shortfall, Clarkson has synthesized these three disciplines into a financial information analysis program providing students with the broad, well-rounded skills necessary to take on key roles within a Fortune 500 company. “The company hiring a Clarkson business school graduate will not have to re-train that student,” remarked Sugrue.

Calling Clarkson’s interdisciplinary engineering and management (IE&M) program “arguably the best of its kind in the nation,” the program’s host asked Sugrue what makes it so good. He responded by describing how Clarkson’s IE&M curriculum spans the boundaries between business and engineering. The engineering and global operations management program at Clarkson is based on this same philosophy. “In fact,” Sugrue told the interviewer, “it is what an EMBA would be if all the students were engineers.”

When asked who is hiring Clarkson graduates, Sugrue responded that employers are lined up to hire students from the global supply chain management program. The B-school’s other flagship program is entrepreneurship. “Here, the students are lined up to do the hiring,” says Sugrue. “They are extraordinarily successful in their own business ventures.”

The in-flight program features some of America’s most prominent colleges and universities, including:  Yale School of Management, Duke University, University of Massachusetts, University of San Francisco, and Abilene Christian University. You can hear Sugrue’s entire interview at or by clicking on the link at the School of Business Web page at

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