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Northern NY Section Of American Chemical Society Receives National Awards For Programs Run By Clarkson's Dana Barry

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The Northern New York (NNY) section of the American Chemical Society (ACS) received national awards for programs run by Dana Barry, technical writer and editor of Clarkson University’s Center for Advanced Materials Processing. 

The section received a ChemLuminary Award for Public Relations for Barry’s Chemical Sensation Project with Japan, as well as a ChemPower Award (Certificate of Excellence) for Barry’s World First MarsLink Space Mission Program.  barryaward

The awards were presented at the ACS National Convention held in August in Philadelphia, Pa.

The Chemical Sensation Project, jointly sponsored by the ACS’s NNY section and Suzuka National College of Technology in Japan, is an international effort to promote and improve public perceptions of chemistry and chemical professionals. The program, which has been developed and carried out by chemistry researchers and educators in the U.S. and Japan, is a multisensory approach for presenting and teaching chemistry. Materials used in this project include a music CD of chemistry songs, handouts, overhead transparencies, pictures, visual aids, and hands-on chemical experiments.  The songs and experiments address many areas of chemistry including chemicals, acids, bases, matter, energy, the periodic table, organic chemistry, fission and fusion.

All materials were prepared by Dana Barry and translated into Japanese by Hideyuki Kanematsu of Suzuka National College of Technology in Japan. The program was featured on the Suzuka City TV news in Japan, in Japanese newspapers and in U.S. newspapers. Participating secondary schools and colleges (Canton High School, Edwards-Knox High School, and Clarkson University in the U.S. and Takata High School, Kanbe High School, and Suzuka National College of Technology in Japan) were provided with materials so that the program can be used in classes each year. The Chemical Sensation Project has been featured in a number of journals in the U.S., Japan and Australia and continues to expand locally, nationally and internationally.

The World First MarsLink Space Mission program, organized by Barry and sponsored by the NNY section of the ACS, provides students with a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the excitement of chemistry through an educational program linked to the NASA Mars Missions. The MarsLink program includes three phases: a science curriculum with chemistry and space-related activities and lessons, a mission simulation, and data analysis.

The Mission (which has support from Space Explorers Inc.) is made up of an international team with participants in the U.S. and Malaysia. Roger Haw, co-founder of Ansted University, serves as an outstanding coordinator for the Malaysian team members. The U.S. team members include students from St. Mary's School in Canton and Norwood-Norfolk Central School. Malaysian team members belong to an astronomy club and attend Ansted University and St. Xavier's Institute in Penang.

In 2000 the team performed a mission simulation at Clarkson University and obtained data from Mars by linking up to the Mars Global Surveyor Spacecraft via the Internet. The members enjoyed communicating by conference phone with a mission controller and receiving and analyzing live data from a spacecraft.  They also learned about mission positions, duties, instruments, and a teamwork approach to solving problems. 

The international MarsLink team is currently analyzing data and learning the chemistry of Mars. Their names are on a disk aboard the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover, which has been exploring the planet's surface in search of geologic evidence of water in Mars' past.

Barry is an officer for the ACS’s NNY Section.  She is a certified professional chemist, the president of Ansted University’s Scientific Board, and a member of the National Science Teachers Association. Barry also serves on the editorial review board for The Chemist, a publication of the American Institute of Chemists, and The Science Education Review, an Australian journal. She served as a visiting professor in Malaysia (2001), Japan (2002), and England (2003).

Barry has received nine APEX awards for Publication Excellence and other professional honors, and has authored over 100 professional publications including five books.  In addition, Barry’s biographical profile is listed in the Outstanding Gale Reference Something About the Author  (Volume 139, June 2003).

The American Chemical Society is the world’s largest scientific organization with over 163,000 members, providing information, career development, and educational resources to member chemists, chemical engineers, and technicians, and publishing dozens of magazines, journals, books, and online data.

Photo Caption:  Clarkson University Technical Writer and Editor Dana M. Barry accepts a ChemLuminary Award for Public Relations on behalf of the Northern N.Y. section of the American Chemical Society (ACS), at the ACS National Convention in Philadelphia, Pa. on August 24. This national award was for Barry’s Chemical Sensation Project.  From left:  William Oliver (Chair of the Committee on Public Relations and Communications), Dana Barry (officer of the Northern N.Y. section of the ACS), and James Burke (Chair of the Board of Directors of the ACS).
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