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Clarkson Receives Doe Grant To Develop More Efficient Motors For Residential And Commercial Buildings

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Clarkson University's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will receive $773,530 from the Department of Energy (DOE) over the next three years to conduct research on improving the efficiency of motors. Pragasen Pillay, Clarkson's Jean Newell Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, submitted the grant proposal to DOE. "Even small increases in efficiency can reap huge benefits in terms of greenhouse gases and pollution reduction, because of the large numbers involved," stated Pillay.

The Clarkson project, "Improved Design of Motors for Increased Efficiency in Residential and Commercial Buildings," will receive more than $250,000 from DOE each year of the project.pillaygrant

The University will leverage the DOE award with additional funds from industry to cover the $1,084,710 project cost.

With the grant, additional state-of-the-art loss measurement equipment will be purchased. The new equipment will provide the research group with unique capabilities in a University research environment. A characterization of the losses will allow improved designs and higher motor efficiencies, which translate into reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

DOE is looking to Clarkson to discover technologies that have the potential for significant energy savings in electrical machines, which are used in a variety of applications in residential and commercial buildings. Through grants like this, DOE is supporting projects that are advancing energy efficient equipment, envelope, and whole building technologies. Specifically, the objective is to accelerate high-payoff technologies that, because of their risk, are unlikely to be developed in a timely manner without a partnership between industry and the federal government.

PHOTO CAPTION: Clarkson University Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Pragasen Pillay and research assistants M.S. Luke Dosiek (left) and Ph.D. student Lotten Mthombeni (right) use specialized equipment to measure losses in motor lamination steel.

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