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Clarkson Researcher Featured On Voice Of America Radio Program

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Leonid Fedichkin, a research scientist at Clarkson University, lent his considerable expertise in the field of nanotechnology to the Voice of America (VOA) radio program “Talk to America” recently. Fedichkin was a guest on the VOA Russian Service live call-in show titled “Nanotechnology – Perspective and Threats.” The University scientist answered questions and gave an in-depth analysis to a worldwide Russian-speaking audience regarding the development of nanotechnology, its future, its benefits, and disadvantages. fedichkin

Nanotechnology is used to describe research where the particles are typically less than 1,000 nanometers in size. This microscopic technology is expected to make the products we manufacture in the future lighter, stronger, cleaner, less expensive, and more precise.

A faculty member of Clarkson’s Physics and Electrical and Computer Engineering departments, Fedichkin’s primary role is as a research scientist with the University’s Center for Quantum Device Technology. The Center explores quantum mechanical processes in solid-state semiconductor information processing devices, with components of atomic dimensions. Quantum computers, spintronic devices, and nanometer-scale computer logic gates, are examples of these devices. The Center utilizes an interdisciplinary team from the University’s Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics departments.

Research taking place in the Center for Quantum Device Technology is closely aligned with Clarkson’s Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP). Camp is one of New York State’s 14 Centers for Advanced Technology with a mandate to develop innovations in advanced materials processing and to transfer this technology to business and surface science. CAMP conducts world-class nanotechnology research and technology transfer for the U.S. government and industry.

Fedichkin has been at Clarkson University since 2002. Previously he was a senior research scientist with the Institute of Physics and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow. He received his Ph.D. in Physics of Semiconductors and Dielectrics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Fedichkin’s area of research is nanotechnology, quantum computing, quantum measurement, and electron transport. He has co-authored 34 professional papers and articles.

PHOTO CAPTION: Leonid Fedichkin, a research scientist at Clarkson University’s Center for Quantum Device Technology was a guest expert on the Voice of America radio program “Talk to America” recently. Fedichkin answered questions and gave commentary on the benefits and disadvantages of nanotechnology. The program was a live call-in show for a Russian-speaking audience. Voice of America is broadcast in 44 languages and reaches more than 100 million people worldwide.

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