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Clarkson University Graduate Student Wins Travel Award To Attend American Chemical Society National Meeting

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Robert M. Lupitskyy, a graduate student who is working on his Ph.D. at Clarkson University, has received a travel award of $500 to attend the American Chemical Society Fall 2005 National Meeting in Washington, D.C.

as part of the Nanostructured Materials Group, an interdisciplinary research group established by Minko that focuses on the fabrication and study of synthetic and biomaterials at nano scale. The group’s special interest is in materials for biomedical application, sensors and molecular electronics.  Lupitskyy

“We have been researching methods to create materials that can reversibly change their surface properties, such as adhesion, wettability, friction, etc., in response to external signals. These materials have potential applications in sensors, microfluid devices, nanolithography patterning, drug delivery systems, and “smart” clothing.” So called “smart” clothing is material that can detect the presence of chemical weapons, automatically seal its own pores, and then clean and decontaminate itself.” Minko is one of the world’s leading experts in this field.

“Our paper will report about the preparation and responsive behavior of monomolecular layer of novel star-like copolymer grafted onto a solid substrate,” remarked Lupitskyy.

One of Minko’s current projects, which Lupitskyy is assisting with, involves research in self-cleaning fabrics. These materials utilize a water-repellant, dirt repellant, environment-friendly coating of silver nanoparticles. Applications for these new materials will range from hospital and military garments to industrial and sportswear fabrics.

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