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Fort Drum Soldier Wins Army ROTC Green To Gold Scholarship - Attending Clarkson University

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Clarkson University sophomore Donald D. Ingrim was stationed at Fort Drum when he learned about the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Green to Gold Scholarship program. The Green to Gold Scholarship program provides for talented and inspired young enlisted soldiers to temporarily leave active duty, return to college, receive their baccalaureate degree, and earn a commission as an Army officer. Enlisted soldiers with officer potential who have served at least two years are allowed to volunteer for the selective program. ingrim

For Ingrim to qualify for the program he needed good grades, pass physical fitness tests, receive recommendations from his superiors, and be accepted into a program at the university or college of his choosing.  With a great deal of determination and two attempts, Ingrim won a Green to Gold Scholarship in April 2004 and is now studying psychology at Clarkson University. He chose Clarkson because of its proximity to Fort Drum, its reputation, and because it offered an ROTC scholarship that included both room and board. The total value of the Green to Gold Scholarship is more than $73,000 for the three years he will attend Clarkson. In return for the scholarship, Ingrim will incur a four-year active duty service commitment and four years of inactive duty.

When asked what it was like going from being an active-duty soldier to a nontraditional student at Clarkson, Ingrim replied, “It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I was welcomed into ROTC and the campus community. It was really quite an easy transition.” Major David Snow, assistant professor of Military Science at the Army ROTC program, explains that the Army Green to Gold Scholarship program is one of many options available to active-duty soldiers. He said, “A lot of soldiers at Fort Drum think about going to college, with this program they don’t have to wait to be out of the Army to go to school. They can have the opportunity to attend a competitive university like Clarkson.”

Although Ingrim admits with a smile the most challenging part has been the academic work, he is doing very well in his studies. He is expecting to graduate in May 2007. His plans for the future include continuing his interest to explore how the mind works pursuing a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and returning to the Army as a commissioned officer.

There are currently two students in the Green to Gold Scholarship program at the Army ROTC Detachment in Potsdam. The second student is Tobias Clark, a senior at SUNY Potsdam who will graduate this May with a degree in Criminal Justice and will also return to the Army as an officer early this summer.

PHOTO CAPTION:  Donald D. Ingrim, a sophomore majoring in psychology at Clarkson University, was an active duty soldier at Fort Drum when he applied for and won the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corp (ROTC) Green to Gold Scholarship. The value of the three-year scholarship is $73,000.
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