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Clarkson Professor Susan Conry Named 2005 ABET Fellow

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ABET Inc. is the recognized accrediting body for college and university programs in applied sciences, computing, engineering and technology. The ABET Fellow Award is presented annually to individuals who have given sustained quality service to ABET-related professions and through ABET activities. Conry was honored for her contributions to computer science and engineering accreditation, for leadership in the development of the Computing Sciences Accreditation Commission (CSAC) of the Computing Sciences Accreditation Board (now CSAB, Inc.), and for leadership in the integration of ABET and CSAB. Susan Conry

Conry has been engaged in accreditation activities since 1985. She was a CSAC program evaluator, commissioner and member of the executive committee from 1985 until 1992, serving as chair from 1991-92. In these capacities, she actively contributed to the development of criteria and processes for accreditation of computer science programs.

Conry was a member of the CSAB Board of Directors from 1992 until 1999, serving as president from 1997-98. During her tenure as board president, the memorandum of understanding between CSAB and ABET that resulted in the merging of their activities was signed. She has also served as a program evaluator and is currently a member of the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, serving on the criteria committee andw as recently elected to the Engineering Accreditation Commission.

Conry also serves on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Education Society's Administrative Committee, which is responsible for advancing the theory, practice and accessibility of engineering education, through educational methods, instructional materials, and educational technology. She is a member of the IEEE's Committee on Engineering Accreditation Activities, and was a recipient of a meritorious service award for her work on computing curricula in 1991.

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