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Clarkson Honors 25-Year Employees

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Front row: President Collins, university president (host); Ralph Janaro of Potsdam, associate professor, School of Business; Marianne Conroy-Stone of Potsdam, administrative secretary, Clarkson Honors 25-Year EmployeesUndergraduate Admission; Linda Snyder of Potsdam, administrative secretary, Humanities & Social Sciences; Ann Hayes of Potsdam, administrative secretary, Human Resources.

Second row: Alfred Bender of Potsdam, Team Lead, Office of Information Technology; John Dempsey of Potsdam, professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering; Linda Albrecht of Hannawa Falls (Ret.), award administrator, Division of Research; Ross Taylor of Norwood, professor and chair, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering; Peggy Walrich of Colton, assistant to the dean, Dean of Students; Carol Gladding of Norwood, student account administrator, Student Administrative Services.

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