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Clarkson Graduate Student Awarded Highly Competitive IBM Ph.D. Fellowship

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Patricia Jablonski, a native of Amsterdam, N.Y., and a doctoral candidate in the interdisciplinary Engineering Science program at Clarkson University, has been chosen to receive an IBM Ph.D. Fellowship for the 2006-07 academic year. jablonski

Jablonski's research interests are in information management and information transfer, including communications and networks. Her doctoral dissertation investigates ways to use virtual machine technology to increase the level of data protection and security on a personal computer and to facilitate the data recovery process for the average computer user. She has also co-authored several papers.

Jablonski also holds a master's degree in Information technology, a master in business administration, and an undergraduate degree in mathematics, all from Clarkson.

"Patty is a wonderful student, top-notch researcher and dedicated member of the Clarkson community," said Jeanna Matthews, assistant professor of mathematics and computer science and Jablonski's Ph.D. advisor. "She possesses the kinds of qualities - intelligence, resourcefulness, energy and insight - that make for success. In the time I have known her we have worked together on a large number of exciting projects and she always makes substantial and important contributions."

Last year under the leadership of Jablonski and fellow graduate student Todd DeShane, a Clarkson team won first place in the 2005 UNISYS TuxMasters Invitational, an intercollegiate competition designed to encourage learning while contributing to the advancement of Linux and the open source computing community. As the winning entry, the University received a Unisys-built 8x Itanium 2 ES7000 series server valued at approximately $70,000 for use in future Linux development. Jablonski and DeShane each received a number of prizes valued at over $2,000.

Jablonski has participated in a long-term collaboration with local public radio to develop, deploy and improve a content management system that allows public radio stations to make their content available to listeners online. She has helped organize and run a number of community workshops including a five-week course for high school students on computing and a workshop for the network administrators from the local school district and BOCES.

In recognition of these projects and others, Jablonski was awarded the Phalanx Commendable Service Award at Clarkson's University Recognition Day in April 2005.

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