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Clarkson University to Host Physical Therapy Curriculum Open House

Physical Therapy is one of the health professions most in demand today. The profession includes evaluating, alleviating and preventing impairments, functional limitations and disability from injuries, disease and other causes. Physical therapists are engaged in treatment, consultation, education and research.

The Clarkson Physical Therapy faculty will discuss PT as a career choice and how Clarkson can help aspiring therapists achieve their professional goals. Information regarding the University's transition from a master's degree to a doctorate degree and the modifications related to this change will also be provided to attendees.

"Clarkson's change to a doctorate-level program will require changes to the current curricula by modifying existing course content and adding eight additional weeks of clinical internship," says Scott D. Minor, associate dean for Health Sciences, associate professor and chair of the Department of Physical Therapy. "Patients expect their physical therapist to be a fully autonomous healthcare practitioner, and that means doctoral-level training," adds Minor.

Clarkson will enroll the first Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) class in August 2006 and will discontinue the master's program once the doctoral program has begun. Students who are in the master's program will have the option of entering a transitional DPT program which will cover new material added to Clarkson's DPT program, allowing them to obtain a DPT degree.

Clarkson operates a Center for Health Sciences in partnership with Canton-Potsdam Hospital. This is the home for both the University's program in Physical Therapy and the hospital's Physical Rehabilitation Services. The center offers outstanding resources to undergraduate and graduate students interested in the health sciences.

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