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Three to Be Honored with Clarkson University Emeritus Status at Commencement

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Clarkson University is proud to honor three professors with emeritus status at the University's commencement ceremony on Sunday, May 14.

Gregory A. Campbell

Gregory A. Campbell joined Clarkson University in 1984 as an associate professor in the Chemical Engineering Department. In 1996, he was promoted to professor and has since served Clarkson in senior positions such as chairman of the Chemical Engineering Department, chief information officer, and interim dean of engineering. Eric F. Thacher

Several distinctions and awards have been received by Campbell, including the Society of the Plastics Industry Award of Excellence and the General Motors (GM) Research Laboratories Management Award for Distinguished Achievement. In recent years, he has delivered keynote lectures at the Japan Society of Polymer Processing and the European Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society in Sweden. He has recently been named a Fellow by the Society of Plastics Engineers.

Campbell received his doctoral degree in chemical engineering from the University of Maine in 1969 and prior to joining Clarkson he worked for GM Research as a senior staff research engineer. He also worked for Mobil Chemical Corporation as supervisor of Polymer Fabrication Research and Development. Campbell is active in the local community through the Potsdam Rotary Club and is district governor of Rotary District 7040. He serves on the board of directors for the Extrusion Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers and the Potsdam Town and Country Club.

Eric F. Thacher received his undergraduate degree from the U.S. Naval academy, MS in nuclear engineering from M.I.T., and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from New Mexico State University. He retired from Clarkson in December 2005, after 25 years of service in the Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (MAE) Department.

Thacher served on many university, school and department committees. He was executive officer of the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (MAE) from 1988 to 1992, and again from 1997 to 2004, where he was responsible for administering the department's undergraduate program.

Thacher was co-creator of the Education for Stewardship program and the Solar Car Project (SCP). His service as the SCP's primary mentor for 13 years led him to work to institutionalize project-based learning communities at Clarkson. While chair of the MAE department's Curriculum Committee, he led a revision of the mechanical engineering design curriculum. This included establishing the present two-semester capstone sequence in design, which he taught for eight years. During this period, he was co-creator of the Clarkson Invention Institute, organized a local conference on project-based learning, and led the acquisition of over $500,000 for project-based learning activities. Thacher has taught 12 different courses, received the Clarkson Distinguished Teaching Award in 2003, Commendable Leadership Award in 1991 and 2002, was a co-recipient of the 2001 Boeing Outstanding Educator Award, and received a Distinguished Advisor Award in 1981.

Thacher's research interests include passive and active solar heating, solar-electric vehicle design and modeling, inverse radiation heat transfer, thermoelectric conversion of vehicle and industrial waste heat, and optimization of cattle waste anaerobic digestion systems. He has received over $2 million in external funding as principle investigator or co-principal investigator for research projects and currently holds a Research Associate Professor appointment at Clarkson.

Jan Wojcik has been part of the Clarkson community for 20 years, contributing to the reputation of the University by emphasizing the importance of humanities to a well-rounded Clarkson education. While at Clarkson, Wojcik has stood as a strong advocate for the importance of community interaction, as seen in his work with the Amish and the Mohawks at Akwesasne, his revitalization of Clarkson's Reynolds Observatory, his leadership in environmental activities, and his passion for teaching fly fishing in the North Country.

Recently Wojcik, along with professors Michael R. Twiss and Tom A. Langen, directed a group of researchers and published an important paper describing the influence of watershed land-use on water quality in the St. Regis River. The St. Regis River is a tributary of the St. Lawrence River. The research pointed out the importance of responsible land management and the significant impact it has on water quality.

Wojcik received his undergraduate degree from Boston College and Ph.D. from Yale University. He has won many academic awards, including the Outstanding Teacher Award from the Clarkson University Student Association, and holds a distinguished record of scholarship. Wojcik has published six books, on topics including comparative literature, medical ethics, biblical studies, and agriculture, as well as over two dozen articles and book chapters.

PHOTO CAPTION: Clarkson University Professor of Chemical Engineering

Thacher, and Professor of Humanities Jan Wojcik will be granted emeritus status at

the University's 113th commencement ceremony Sunday, May 14.

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