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Director of National Bioenergy Center Will Keynote 2006 Bioenergy Conference

Dr. Michael Pacheco, a Clarkson alumnus and director of the National Bioenergy Center, will be one of several internationally renowned scientists and educators attending the 2006 Bioenergy and Rural Economic Development Conference hosted by Clarkson University June 21 - 23. Pacheco will give the keynote address.

Biomass is plant matter, such as trees, grasses, agricultural crops or other biological material. It can be used as a solid fuel, or converted into liquid or gaseous forms for the production of electric power, heat, chemicals or fuels. The Bioenergy conference will bring stakeholders of all levels in agriculture, forestry, government, education, business, distribution/transportation and investment together at Clarkson to promote bioenergy investment and jobs in the North Country.

The biomass conference, titled "Fuel the Future," will feature plenary sessions detailing state-of-the-art bioenergy systems and mechanisms for implementing bioenergy projects, as well as the hurdles that must be overcome for successful project implementation. There will also be work sessions to define the needs, capabilities and implementation plans for bioenergy projects in the North Country.

The conference organizers have scheduled bioenergy field trips for the first day of the conference (Wednesday, June 21), including:

The Lyonsdale Biomass is an independent power company that receives wood chips and logs for heat and power generation. The facility combusts 750 tons of wood per day and creates 19 megawatts of power per hour. Excess heat is used by the adjacent Burrows Paper Company.

Sheland Farm Anaerobic Digester. This 400 milk cow farm is working with Siemens Corporation on the design, construction and operation of a completely mixed anaerobic digester to treat manure waste to produce methane for fuel and use digester fiber for animal bedding.

Registration for the conference is required by June 14. For more information, please visit:

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