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Clarkson Professors Co-Author Most Accessed Article in Chemical Magazine

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The successful results, recently obtained, were established and supported by Clarkson University's Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) and a collaboration between Clarkson scientists and the State University of New York, Institute for Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics, led by Professor Paras N. Prasad. SUNY Buffalo scientists Yudhisthira Sahoo, Shumion Wang, and Hun Luo also contributed to the popular article. Clarkson Professors Co-Author Most Accessed Article in Chemical Magazine

Minko's research focuses on areas of smart/responsive polymer materials, smart colloids, nanostructured thin polymer films, formation of nanowires and nanoparticles, adhesion, wetting, adsorption regulations and single molecule devices. He received his doctoral degree in organic chemistry from the National University of Technology, Lviv, and a doctorate in macromolecular chemistry from the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine. Minko holds 14 patents and has authored more than 100 articles for professional publications.

Sokolov's interests include Biological Physics, Advanced Materials, and Atomic Force Microscopy. The focus areas of this research are human cells, self-assembly of nanostructured functional colloids, and self-healing materials. He has 88 refereed publications, one U.S. patent, and seven U.S. and one international patents pending.

The research at Clarkson University highlighted in the article was supported by a National Science Foundation Grant, NYSTAR, The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, and Clarkson's Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP). Research at the State University of New York at Buffalo was supported by a grant through the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

PHOTO CAPTION: Clarkson professors Sergiy Minko and Igor Sokolov's co-authored research article was one of the most accessed articles in The Chemistry of Materials from January - March 2006.

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