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11th International Chemical-Mechanical Planarization Symposium Will Be in Lake Placid, New York - Hosted by Clarkson University

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Chemical-Mechanical Planarization or chemical-mechanical polishing, CMP for short, is a process using nanoabrasives in a reactive, chemical slurry to polish the surface of wafers used in 11th International Chemical-Mechanical Planarization Symposium Will Be in Lake Placid, New York - Hosted by Clarkson Universitysemiconductor fabrication to achieve nanolevel planarity.

Clarkson Distinguished University Professor/CAMP Director S.V. Babu is the leading organizer and co-chair of the symposium. Additional co-organizer/chairs include: Paul Fischer, Ph.D., Intel Corporation; Gundu Sabde, Ph.D., Micron Technology Inc.; Manabu Tsujimura, Ph.D., EBARA Corporation; and Clarkson Chemistry Professor Yuzhuo Li.

Chemical-Mechanical Planarization is playing an increasingly important role in today's microelectronics industry. It is the ideal, and the only planarizing technology for use with the interlayer dielectrics and metal films used in silicon integrated circuit fabrication. CMP is an enabling technology that translates into faster computers, more realistic video games, smaller cell phones and smaller, more efficient performance from the electronic devices we use daily in our homes and businesses.

"This year's symposium will focus on several fundamental aspects of CMP," remarked Babu. "These areas will include particle and colloidal aspects, polishing mechanisms, pad behavior, flow characterization, defects and post-polish cleaning, low-k films and integration issues, 300 mm wafer challenges and MEMS/MOEMS (Microelectromechanical systems/micro-opto-electro-mechanical systems)," he concluded.

PHOTO CAPTION: Clarkson University's Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP) will sponsor the 11th International Chemical- Mechanical Planarization (CMP) symposium in Lake Placid, New York, August 13-16. CMP is used in semiconductor fabrication. Co-Chairs of the Symposium are (L-R) Dr. Manabu Tsujimura, executive officer and deputy group executive of Ebara Corporation in Japan, Distinguished University Professor/CAMP Director S.V. Babu, and CAMP Professor Yuzhuo Li.

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