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Clarkson Professor Named Fellow of the Prestigious Max-Planck Institute for Physics

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Lawrence S. Schulman, professor of Physics at Clarkson University, has been awarded the Martin- Gutzwiller Fellowship 2005/2006 of the Max-Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems.

Perhaps best known by physicists for his work in "Path Integrals," this is but one of the entries in Schulman's astonishingly broad list of research activities. Other research topics in which Schulman has made an impressive mark include: quantum measurements, the physics of galaxies, approximate topologies, quantum stochastics (random variables), roughening at solid-superfluid interfaces, phase transitions, the natural selection of L-enantiomers, and, of course, the arrow of time - his theory of time running backward. Though his results regarding time running backward may seem like science fiction, they were derived within the rigorous confines of theoretical physics and have appeared in the New Scientist, the prestigious journal Physics Review Letters and on BBC radio. schulman

The Martin-Gutzwiller Fellowship is awarded annually by the Max-Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems in appreciation of Gutzwiller'fs many contributions to theoretical physics. The award acknowledges and promotes exceptional research in this field.

"Professor Schulman's ground-breaking research on quantum measurement has inspired a generation of researchers to explore Feynman path integrals and has contributed to the knowledge base and general interest in quantum computation," remarked James R. (Dick) Pratt, dean of Clarkson's School of Arts & Sciences. The Martin-Gutzwiller Fellowship is an acknowledgement of Larry's many past contributions to the field of physics and the expectation of his future contributions.

As a Martin-Gutzwiller Fellow, Schulman is invited to visit and work at the Max-Planck Institute for one academic year. A young collaborator (Ph.D. student, postdoc) is also invited to join Schulman and his or her research experience is supported by the Institute's visitors program.

Schulman received his Ph.D. from Princeton University. He was on the faculty of Indiana University and the Technion in Haifa before joining Clarkson University in 1985. His many research interest areas include: statistical physics (Foundation issues, non-equilibrium methods, applications to galaxies, ecosystems, phase transitions, percolation, complexity), quantum mechanics (Feynman path integral, condensed matter applications foundations), and cosmology. He has written several books and authored or co-authored more than 200 articles for scholarly publications.

PHOTO CAPTION: Lawrence S. Schulman, professor of Physics at Clarkson University, has been awarded the Martin-Gutzwiller Fellowship at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Germany. Schulman is renowned for his research in "path Integrals," foundations of quantum and statistical mechanics and several other areas of physics.

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