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Clarkson University Students Learn Employable Skills and Have Experiences Outside the Classroom

For some Clarkson University students, the fall 2006 semester will consist of learning new skills and having experiences outside the classroom, a few of them will be thousands of miles away. According to Roberta Kaskel, director of Clarkson's Career Center, there are six students on study abroad and 50 students on Cooperative Education with both local and national companies during this fall semester.

Clarkson offers more than 20 study abroad programs in 14 countries, including Sweden, England, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, France and Germany. Every student is encouraged to study abroad and experience new cultures and economies. Clarkson works with the students to make it happen, both financially and academically.

Today's globalized businesses are looking for students with knowledge of multinational firms and the world's economies. Clarkson's International Business concentration allows for the study of international trade, money and capital movements, international transfer of technology, and political and cultural differences between nations. Students in this course of study are required to participate in the Study Abroad program to enhance their educational experience and to ensure they are ready to work in a global economy.

Kaskel stated, "Study Abroad is not only an exciting personal experience, it is also a terrific resume builder."

In addition to studying abroad for a global perspective, students can also participate in a real-world professional experience, learning by working "on-the-job". Clarkson's Career Center helps students find professional cooperative education (co-op) and internship opportunities.

The co-op program enables students to be paid by a business or government organization for working in a job in their field of study. Students work on-site with professionals during a semester and over a summer. Internships often involve nonprofits or government agencies.

Co-ops and internships are a way for students to make vital connections with professionals in their field and increase their value to merit a higher starting salary.

An example list of companies where Clarkson students have completed co-ops/internships is: Carrier, Kodak, Procter and Gamble, NBC, General Electric, IBM, Harvard and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Clarkson University study abroad students for the fall 2006 semester: Jason Kaszpurenko (Physics, EE) at City University; Kristin Stephenson (IE&M) at Hong Kong; Silas Magee (ME) at Lulea University; and Andrew Badger (IE&M), Kendra Richer (BTM), and Yuan (Irene) Xu (Finance) at North Umbria University.

Clarkson University Cooperative Education students for the fall 2006 semester: Reese Bessel (ME), General Electric, Schenectady, N.Y.; Joshua Bondesen (ME), Raymond Corporation, Milton, Vt.; Brian Brostko, IE&M, Johnson & Johnson, Plainsboro, NJ.; Jonathan Brown, IE&M, IBM Rochester Village, Rochester, MN; Joshua Brown, IE&M, LP Ciminelli Construction, Eden, N.Y.; Krishnayya Cheemalapati, Eng. Sci., Intel, Potsdam, N.Y.; James Coleman (Biomolecular), Yale University (Keck Group), Watertown, N.Y.; Mark Czajkowski (ME), General Electric, Munnsville, N.Y.; Demetrios Dimatos (CS) IBM, Binghamton, N.Y.; Benjamin Durfee (CE), Advance Testing, Chittenango, N.Y.; Victor Enchautegui (e-Bus), Northrop Grumman, Newport, VA.; Jonathan Fenson (IE&M), General Electric, Houston, TX.; Aaron Fetterman (SE), Thomson West, Rochester, N.Y.; Casey Flynn (IE&M), Johnson & Johnson, Trumbull, CT.; Kyle Foley (IE&M), Atlantic Testing Laboratories, Killington, Vt.; Thomas Gawrys (SE), Vicarious Visions, Ballston Spa, N.Y.; Nathaniel Glenney (IE&M), Whiting Turner, Towson, MD.; Akiva Gopalkrishnan (ME), Husky Injection Molding Systems Inc., Milton, Vt.; Daniel Hausner (EE), Rockland County Americorp, Suffern, N.Y.; Christopher Hazel (ME), Albany International Press Fabrics, Troy, N.Y.; Travis Howard (CpE), Freescale Semiconductor, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Joseph Johnson (IE&M), Atlantic Testing Laboratories, Scotia, N.Y.; Cyrus Katrak (CS), IBM, Cambridge, MA.; James Kazda (ME), Husky Injection Molding, Candor, N.Y.; Melissa Kipp (CE), DuFresne-Henry, Middlebury, Vt.; Courtney Kiszewski (ME), General Electric, N. Tonawanda, N.Y.; Kyle Korman (IE&M), General Electric, Black River, N.Y.; Scott LaCombe (FIA), Corning, Massena, N.Y.; Gregory Lamb, IE&M, Goodrich Fuel & Utility Systems, Rome, N.Y.; Joseph Laspina, CompE, Control Technologies, Inc., Nosconset, N.Y.; Nicholas Lavdos (IE&M), Whiting Turner Contracting, Baltimore, MD.; Daniel Lynn (BTM), Northrop Grumman Corp., Atlanta, N.Y.; Kira McKinney (ME), C&S Engineers Inc., Liverpool, N.Y.; Vinay Meled (ChE), Intel Corporation, Beaverton, OR.; Blaze Messer (ChE), IBM, Huntington, MA.; Daniel Metch (CE), Kiewit Construction, Bainbridge, N.Y.; Clifton Mills (IE&M), Advance Testing , Campbell Hall, N.Y.; Phillip Mitchell (ME), Fisher Price, Colden, N.Y.; Anita Natarajan (ChE), IBM, Wappingers Falls, N.Y.; Christy Petruczok (ChE), Genencor International, Rochester, N.Y.; James Putnam (IE&M), Advance Testing, Campbell Hall, N.Y.; Dinesh Selvaraj (ChE), Philips, Potsdam, N.Y.; Caleb Smith (IE&M), Advance Testing, Campbell Hall, N.Y.; Andrew Smith (ME), BorgWarner, Freeville, N.Y.; Tom Spies (ME), General Electric, W. Berne, N.Y.; Karen Streeter (ME), General Electric, Carthage, N.Y.; Patrick Suflita (ME), Dielectric Laboratories, N. Syracuse, N.Y.; Elissa Voccola (ME), U.S. Senate, Shelton, CT; Thomas Walters, CE, Kiewit Construction Company Crown Point, N.Y.; Mathew Wolcott, (ME) Pratt & Whitney, Lockport, N.Y.

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