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Defense Appropriation Bill Includes $1,000,000 for CMP

Chemical Mechanical Planarization or chemical-mechanical polishing, CMP for short, is a process using nanoabrasives in a reactive, chemical slurry to polish the surface of wafers used in semiconductor fabrication to make them flat. The smooth surface is necessary to allow for subsequent production steps. A simple analogy is that of an orbital sander used in woodworking. Imagine such a sander used with a wet chemical paste (slurry). Once the surfaces are smoothed, they are ready to have more process steps, adding more layers.

CAMP Director Babu went on to say that this is the same scenario that has been replicated in the last four years. "The Congressional appropriations process is difficult to follow, but Congressional bill copy and report documents indicate that Congressman McHugh has been the first to move Congressional action forward in Washington, allocating defense funding to this University's world-class research center."

Clarkson University Provost Tom Young added, "The spirit of nonpartisanship in New York is unprecedented when it comes to support for public and private higher education. But the record is clear, the impact of legislation enacted this year that made federally subsidized college student loans more costly for students is much more favorable than it might have been without the combined efforts of Congressman McHugh, Senator Clinton, and Senator Schumer fighting for higher education."

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