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Clarkson Entrepreneurship Program Spawns Student-run Business

Whether they are in the first-year entrepreneurship class, a member of Clarkson's Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization, or part of the Venture@MooreHouse program, Clarkson students get real-world experience in actual businesses.

NVDG's services include business plan writing, marketing research, and business development consulting. NVDG has now branched out into the community and is working with local development agencies and businesses to build a network and reputation. Although the company is small, the group hopes that the business will grow into a full-time operation.

As the founders come closer to graduation, plans are being made for the future of the company. With the growing success, many of the students want to continue the business as a full-time operation. Others feel that leaving the company behind for other innovative students to become a part of is best. No matter the outcome, the direction that the company takes will certainly lead all of the participating students to success.

The students running the business are: Blake Conley (Angola, Ind., IE&M & physics), Director/President; Justin Groden (Rochester, N.Y., entrepreneurship) Director of Operations and Customer Relations; Mike Sabens (Barre, Vt., project management), Director of Marketing; Rafaela Messmer (Camden, N.Y., human resource management), Director of Human Resources; Jeremy Burden (Akron, N.Y., IE&M), Director of Patent Development and Testing; Justin Gold (Cheektowaga, NY, IE&M) Design Technician; Alexander Polimeni (Lake George, N.Y., financial analysis), Director of Finance; and Kyle Korman (Black River, N.Y., IE&M).

If you would like to learn more about the New Venture Development Group and the services that they provide, you can visit their Web site at, or contact Justin Groden by e-mail at or phone at 585-313-7881.

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