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Clarkson Alum Sells World's Oldest Hockey Stick for $2.2 Million

The athletic skills that made Gord Sharpe a standout hockey player and captain of Clarkson University's 1984 -1985 hockey team may have been inherited from his parents, but it was the hockey stick he inherited from his great-uncle that would make it into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The "old stick", passed down to Sharpe by his Great-Uncle Melville Rutherford, was hand carved by Alexander Rutherford between 1852 and 1856 and has been authenticated by the Hockey Hall of Fame and others as the world's oldest hockey stick.

The valuable piece of hockey memorabilia has been on display at Wayne Gretzky's restaurant in Toronto for the past few years. Recently, however, Sharpe decided to sell the world's oldest hockey stick on eBay and donate the proceeds of the sale to and its World Charity Award Program. is an organization founded and run by Sharpe and his wife, Claudia. The goal of is to help all charities increase funding, awareness, participation, and to educate children on the importance of charities. The stick received 26 bids worldwide, with the winning bid of $2.2 million coming from a Canadian who plans to display the stick at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

You may view the world's oldest hockey stick and learn more about by going to their Web site

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