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Clarkson Professor is Columnist for Forbes.Com

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"This country runs on the passion and sweat of millions of small businesses," says Entrepreneurs Editor Brett Nelson, emphasizing's strategic niche interest in reaching a growing segment of this sector that operates on a micro-scale. mcompeau

Appropriately, in his inaugural piece Compeau opportunely tailors the wisdom of some of the most innovative corporate CEOs for attaining success in the New Year, to speak to the small leaders of Main Street, rather than Wall Street, U.S.A.

In fact, it is Compeau's passion and experience in starting and growing successful small businesses that drew the attention of Nelson when they met at the Forbes Media offices in New York City in November.

"Brett [Nelson] and I talked a while about how entrepreneurs of small companies, particularly brick and mortar establishments, share the same passion, drive and fortitude as their corporate cousins, but they also face vastly different challenges," says Compeau. "It is in working with these businesses and in working alongside these entrepreneurs that I find incredibly invigorating and satisfying."

Compeau believes his specific interest and fervor regarding small business growth, and his timely meeting with Nelson, resulted in a mutually beneficial partnership for not only and Clarkson, but for him personally and professionally as well.

"Marc has been an integral force in building the Innovation and Entrepreneurship program, particularly by infusing that sense of entrepreneurial spirit, an attribute shared by those who seek to launch their own ventures or become innovators within corporations," says Sugrue. "His affiliation with is another extension of the collective dedication of faculty, staff and Clarkson affiliates that has propelled Clarkson's program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship to national standings."

In addition to serving as director of Clarkson's program of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Compeau has been involved in numerous business start-ups, received multiple patents and is the founder of, a small businesses support seminar series.

"I have always appreciated the fact that the Clarkson community has gone out of its way to support and embrace what I bring as an entrepreneurial practitioner to my teaching and the direction of Clarkson's program of innovation and entrepreneurship," says Compeau. "I am proud to represent Clarkson in this capacity. It is really exciting."

Compeau views the partnership with as not only an opportunity to share what he has learned in his own experience and in working with other aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs, but also as an avenue to promote the experiential approach to educating innovative business leaders, for which Clarkson is highly regarded, to those out in cyberspace.

Forbes's Web site,, bills itself as the "Home Page for The World's Business Leaders" and is the most widely visited business Web site. It features in-depth coverage of current business and financial events.

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