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Three to Receive Clarkson Honorary Degrees in May

Santokh S. Badesha, Xerox fellow at the Xerox Corporation; Sandy S. Ginsberg, engineer and construction executive; and Andrew C. Palmer, the Jafar Research Professor of Petroleum Engineering at Cambridge University, will receive honorary degrees at Clarkson University's 114th commencement on Sunday, May 13.

Santokh Badesha has invented new materials and marking components that are at the heart of successive generations of better, faster Xerox copiers and printers. The revolutionary imaging system in the Xerox's DocuColor iGen3 Digital Production Press is expected to include more than 30 of his inventions. Badesha's areas of research have varied from designing environmentally friendly materials to the investigation of novel composite materials with enhanced thermal, electrical, chemical and mechanical stability. His inventions in the area of black-and-white and high-speed color fusing, for instance, have resulted in reduced paper jams and a longer time between service calls. Badesha expects to be awarded his 150th U.S. patent in a few months -- a milestone achieved by only one other inventor in Xerox's history.

Andrew Palmer is distinguished for his early contributions to the mechanics of solids, for his numerous applications of solids and for his numerous applications of classical mechanics to a wide variety of problems in offshore engineering. As a lecturer at Cambridge, he established for the first time the circumstances in which a buckle, once initiated, propagates indefinitely along a steel pipe on the sea bed. He is the world's leading authority on the incremental movement of pipes on the sea bed resulting from cyclic pressure and temperature changes -- an important and difficult area in which his knowledge of soil mechanics, stability theory and non-linear analysis puts him in a uniquely strong position. Palmer is a rare individual in that he is both a very successful academician and a very successful businessman. He left Cambridge to start Andrew Palmer & Associates, which became successful. The company was bought out by SAIC. Palmer then returned to Cambridge as the Jafar Research Professor of Petroleum Engineering.

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