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Clarkson Honors Employees for Years of Service

Longtime Clarkson University employees were recently honored at a dinner for their service to the University. Clarkson President Tony Collins honored the following employees for years of service:

Forty years of service: Spencer Thew, Adj. Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering; Sung Lin, Professor, Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering.

Thirty years of service: Jerry W. Gravander, Assoc. Dean/Assoc. Professor, School of Arts & Sciences; Donna Brockway, Grad. Admiss./Int'l Adv/Asst to, Graduate School; Hung Tao Shen, Professor & Chair, Civil & Environmental Eng; Donna M. McDonald, Administrative Secretary, Electrical & Computer Eng.; Donna Blanchard, Administrative Secretary, Undergraduate Admission; Elaine Fetcie, Institutional Statistical Coordinator, Budgets & Planning.

Twenty-five years of service: S.V. Babu, Dir. of CAMP/Dist. Univ. Prof., CAMP; Kurt L. Besaw Sr., Help Desk Support Rep., Office of Information Tech.; David Brabon, Senior Custodian, Custodial Services; Anne Moomey, Student Loan Manager, Student Administrative Services; Michael Durant, Senior Custodian, Custodial Services; Phillip A. Christiansen, Associate Prof. & Div. Head, Chemistry; Deborah L. Cotter, Administrative Secretary, Budget and Planning; William Dennis Horn, Associate Professor, Communication & Media; Lewis P. Hinchman, Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences; Sheila F. Weiss, Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences; Frances Weller Bailey, Instructor, Humanities, Humanities & Social Sciences; Goodarz Ahmadi, Dean of Engineering, School of Engineering.

Fifteen years of service: Gretchen E. Fullerton, Supervisor, Business Services, Duplicating; Todd C. Travis, Award Administrator, Division of Research; Roy O. Wilson Jr., Service Response Scheduler/Planning, Plant Operations & Maintenance; Larry D. Compeau, Associate Professor, School of Business; Victor C. Caster, Maintenance Mechanic Carpenter, Building & Equipment Maint.; Lewis E. Gonyea Jr., Senior Custodian, Custodial Services; Amy K. Zander, Professor and Associate Dean, School of Engineering; Suzann A. Cheney, Administrative Secretary, Honors Program; Brenda Kozsan, MBA Director, School of Business; Liya Regel, Director, ICGMSA and Professor.

Ten years of service: Stefan J. Grimberg, Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Eng; Kevin M. Dempsey, Associate Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science; Helen M. McLean, Dir. of Accommodative Serv., Accommodative Services; Carol J. Huckle, Assistant to the Director, Campus Safety & Security; David W. Delisle, Dir. Campus Safety & Security; Christino Tamon, Associate Professor, Math & Computer Science; Christopher Lynch, Associate Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science; Paul David Wick, Assist. Prof./Dir. FY Physics, Physics; Michelle M. Huto, Cashier/Loans Collector, Student Administrative Services; Sarah C. Melville, Assistant Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences; Isabel A. Champagne, Senior Custodian, Custodial Services; Linda Hastings, Administrative Secretary, Career Center; Shirley E. Mousaw, Administrative Secretary, Military Science.

Five years of service: Laurel Kane, Asst. Athletics Dir./Head Women's Soccer Coach, Athletics; Christine Bailey, Administrative Secretary, Career Center; Pamela Stoddard, Assistant to the Director, Center for the Environment; Julie M. Davis, Director of Web Development, Publications; Vicky R. Green, Duplicating/Mailing Operator, Duplicating; Lorraine Hicks, Administrative Secretary, Student Support Services; Paul Whalen, Cheel Arena Maintenance Worker, Cheel Center; Debra L. Deon, Senior Custodian, Custodial Services; Tammy Snyder, Senior Custodian, Custodial Services; David Randall, Data/Gift Entry Clerk, Office of Information Tech.; Michael Pitts, Head Athletic Trainer, Athletics; Scott A. Murphy, Maintenance Mechanic HVAC, Building & Equipment Maint.; Heather L. Bradley, Administrative Secretary, Aerospace Studies; Kelly Norman, Fitness Center Director, Fitness Center; LeRoy Willard, Senior Technician, School of Engineering Lab; Nicole A. Tracy, Educational Specialist, HEOP; Angela Agans, Assist. to Chief Tech. Officer, Office of Information Tech.; John A. Bradshaw, Sr. Athletic Facilities Assist., Athletics; Norma J. Woods, Administrative Secretary, Division of Research; Suzanne Smith, Dir. Publications/Univ. Editor, Marketing & External Relations; Elisabeth Cain, Assistant Director, Alumni Relations.

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