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Clarkson's Compeau is Popular with Readers

Clarkson School of Business Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Marc Compeau's column, "Technology Isn't Just for Big Boys," has received so many hits the site has made it the story in its Entrepreneur Section after only two days. The piece, the second in Compeau's new standing online feature column Dear Mom and Pop, emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to assess technology options and upgrades to help their businesses compete.

"Big companies with deep pockets can afford to experiment -- even on stuff that seemingly generates little return," notes Compeau in the feature. "Small businesses with limited resources have to be more cautious to ensure that what they implement in the way of technology and process innovation will see a return on the investment," he advises.

Compeau says students enrolled in the School of Business are trained at the onset of their college experience to look at how innovation can be commercialized in new product development or integrated into existing businesses to add value.

"Our curriculum continues to evolve to mirror what is happening in the global marketplace," notes Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs Mike Wasserman. "Innovation, technology, working as part of cross-functional teams - students must be able to capitalize on these opportunities and use available resources to turbocharge the companies in which they will ultimately be employed, and that may include starting their own businesses as well," he adds.

Compeau's "Technology Isn't Just for Big Boys" column has been picked up by some 500 additional electronic publications and business topical sites internationally. The article can be accessed online at: mart-ibm-target-ent-tech-cx_mc_0302momandpop.html.

Clarkson's Program in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is ranked #22 nationally by Entrepreneur magazine and The Princeton Review. The multidisciplinary approach encourages cross-collaborations focused on the commercialization of innovation and new venture creation and provides experiential opportunities for students to excel in the global marketplace. Forbes' Web site,, bills itself as "Home Page for the World's Business Leaders" and features in-depth coverage of current business and financial events.

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