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Clarkson University MBA Student Lindsey Lathrop to Join Peace Corps

Clarkson University student Lindsey Lathrop of Queensbury, N.Y., will join the Peace Corps soon after she graduates with her MBA this May.

"I came to Clarkson to do my MBA because I was familiar with the area and I knew I would have the freedom to choose what I wanted to get out of the program," says Lathrop. "To expand my horizons, I decided to apply to the Peace Corps. It was something I've wanted to do for a long time. I took a human rights course in London taught by Dr. Kevin Bales and that really sparked something inside of me and inspired me to go forward with this idea of the Peace Corps."

Teamwork is a central focus of Clarkson's one-year MBA program, emphasizing the development of effective communication skills, including oral, written and multimedia. Hands-on projects, consulting projects, and international study opportunities provide application of theory to real business situations.

There are 7,714 volunteers currently in the Peace Corps serving 73 countries. Volunteers can choose from a variety of work areas, including education, youth outreach, community development and business development.

"Working in an international setting, a completely different world with a completely different language, and seeing how others live, will give me a whole new meaning to life," says Lathrop. "I'm sick of taking things for granted and I want to do my part in helping out. I feel really ignorant about the world and want to fix that within myself. I know that 27 months seems like a lot of time, but being 22 makes it seem so short and I will gain so much from it."

Lathrop has two bachelor's degrees from SUNY Potsdam -- one in business administration and another in employment relations.

Clarkson University, located in Potsdam, New York, is a private, nationally ranked university with a reputation for developing innovative leaders in engineering, business, the sciences, health sciences and the humanities. At Clarkson, 3,000 high-ability students excel in an environment where learning is not only positive, friendly and supportive but spans the boundaries of traditional disciplines and knowledge. Faculty achieves international recognition for their research and scholarship and connects students to their leadership potential in the marketplace through dynamic, real-world problem solving.

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