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Xerox Scientist and Inventor Receives Clarkson University Honorary Degree

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Potsdam, N.Y. -- Santokh S. Badesha, Xerox Fellow at the Xerox Corporation, today received an honorary doctor of science degree at Clarkson University's 114th Commencement.Badesha Honorary Degree

The degree was awarded "for his successful career-long effort to connect novel scientific principles with innovative technological application and for his dedication and commitment to the Clarkson University Center for Advanced Materials Processing."

Badesha addressed the class of 2007, with five pieces of advice that have helped him in his career...

The third piece of advice Badesha dispensed was to appreciate diversity. "I am not referring to color or race, but the diversity of perspective," he stated. "The days when geeks will make things happen in industry, without recognizing others' importance is gone in the industrial world."

He also told the students to get involved in things not related to their skill sets in order to become more rounded and valuable to the organization. Finally, Badesha remarked, "Things like communications and demographics are changing rapidly in the workplace environment, recognize these changes and work with them."

Badesha has worked throughout his career to create new materials and make components that are the foundation of multiple generations of better, faster Xerox copiers and printers. His work has varied from designing environmentally friendly materials to investigating new composite materials with enhanced thermal, electrical, chemical and mechanical stabilities. He is currently the manager of research open innovation for the Xerox Innovation Group.

A true innovator, Badesha was awarded his 150th U.S. patent in April - a milestone achieved by only one other inventor in Xerox's history.

Badesha received a doctorate in organic chemistry from Punjab University, India, in 1973, and a second doctorate in organic chemistry from the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom, in 1976. He performed research at the University of Leicester in the U.K. and at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute before joining Xerox in 1980.

In 1996, Badesha was honored with the prestigious Xerox President's Award. In 1997, he was named the Rochester Distinguished Inventor of the Year, and in 1999, he was the recipient of the Chester Carlson Eagle Award. Badesha was appointed a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in the U.K. in 1985 and a Chartered Scientist of the Science Council of the U.K. in 2003.

Clarkson University, located in Potsdam, New York, is a private, nationally ranked university with a reputation for developing innovative leaders in engineering, business, the sciences, health sciences and the humanities. At Clarkson, 3,000 high-ability students excel in an environment where learning is not only positive, friendly and supportive but spans the boundaries of traditional disciplines and knowledge. Faculty achieves international recognition for their research and scholarship and connects students to their leadership potential in the marketplace through dynamic, real-world problem solving.

Photo caption: Santokh S. Badesha (left) receives his honorary doctor of science degree from Clarkson University President Tony Collins. Badesha.

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