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Clarkson University Ph.D. Candidate Wins International Web-based Competition

Attilio Milanese, a mechanical engineering Ph.D. candidate at Clarkson University, may not know all of the answers but his ability to find them online has helped him win the Grand Prize in a competition sponsored by Web-based information service company Knovel. More than 900 students from 46 countries entered the challenge by using Knovel's reference and interactive tools to answer five questions.

Knovel is a comprehensive source of scientific and engineering information online. Engineers and scientists worldwide use Knovel to find and apply data. The service brings together authoritative science and technical reference works, embedded with analytical tools on a powerful and intuitive research platform.

1. Tylenol is a common drug that is used for the relief of fever, headaches and other minor aches and pains. Find the CAS Registry Number.

2. What is the molecular formula for caffeine?

3. Using Knovel Critical Tables and the equation plotter, find the vapor pressure of ammonium bromide at 594.3K.

4. What is the water solubility of 1-Octanal?

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