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Clarkson Undergrads to Show Off Research at Symposium Next Week

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Each summer, students from Clarkson and universities around the country come to the University to participate in research led by Clarkson faculty and graduate student mentors. The students' research activities, which are conducted over a period of five to ten weeks, are funded through a variety of grants, including the National Science Foundation and the McNair Scholars Program. Students in the Clarkson Honors Program also participate. This year more than 100 students participated in summer research projects. vankleeck

Research projects cover a wide variety of disciplines. Junior chemistry major Abdulmajid Mohammed's project involves studying a potentially important new anti-cancer drug that preferentially targets human cervical cells that express Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Mohammed's research, which is supported by the National Cancer Institute, has helped to show that the drug blocks an early stage in cancer development known as cellular immortalization.

Kathy Paguay , a junior business major who is interested in biology, has a project that focuses on the biological effects of a nutritional supplement known as Avemar. She is performing clonal growth experiments to determine how Avemar affects human cervical cell growth and survival.

Other student research projects include the spatial and temporal characterization of diesel exhaust fumes in school bus cabins, a brain computer interface for control of a robotic arm, a hands-free human computer interface using processed head motion, an experimental investigation into the implementation of smart wind turbine blades, perceptions of the college aged smoker, a virtual school for a wheelchair training program, the demographic impact of turtle road mortality, the correlation between microbial volatile organic compounds and household mold abundance, the development of digestive organs and nerves in the zebra fish, the removal of arsenic using encapsulated magnetic nanoparticles, the modeling and design of vertebral bone microarchitecture, and the development of an immunomagnetic electrochemical assay for toxicity monitoring.

Clarkson University, located in Potsdam, New York, is a private, nationally ranked university with a reputation for developing innovative leaders in engineering, business, the sciences, health sciences and the humanities. At Clarkson, 3, 000 high-ability students excel in an environment where learning is not only positive, friendly and supportive, but spans the boundaries of traditional disciplines and knowledge. Faculty members achieve international recognition for their research and scholarship and connect students to their leadership potential in the marketplace through dynamic, real-world problem solving.

PHOTO CAPTION: Melissa Van Kleeck, a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering, explains her poster on "Quartz Crystal Microbalance with the Immobilized Estrogen Protein Receptor" at the April Symposium on Undergraduate Research Experience. The public is invited to the summer Symposium on Thursday, August 2, from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. in Clarkson's Bertrand H. Snell Hall.

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