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Clarkson University Research Team Photo Featured Inside Cover of Advanced Materials

A photograph from research by Sergiy Minko, the Egon Matijevic Chaired Professor of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science at Clarkson University, and his research team is featured on the inside front cover of the January issue of Advanced Materials.

Their article, "Superhydrophobic Surfaces Generated from Water-Borne Dispersions of Hierarchically Assembled Nanoparticles Coated with a Reversibly Switchable Shell," is also featured in the publication.

Superhydrophobic surfaces repel water. "Water does not spread over the surface, but forms spherical droplets, which run away from it," says Minko. "Many plants, which live in damp conditions like rain forests, have developed a superhydrophobic surface on their leaves-- the so called 'lotus effect.' Scientists mimic the structure of these plants to fabricate superhydrophobic surfaces."

Minko creates superhydrophobic surfaces on any material's surface in one step by spraying on an aqueous suspension of "smart" nanoparticles with no application of toxic organic solvents. The resulting surface repels water in the same manner as lotus leafs. These coatings can be erased simply by washing the surface of the material with a specially prepared acidic aqueous solution.

This technique can be used to make water repellent coatings for paints, cloth, textiles, uniforms, etc.

You can see the photo and read an abstract of the article at .

Minko's research and expertise in materials science focuses on the areas of smart/responsive polymer materials, smart colloids, nanostructured thin polymer films, formation of nanowires and nanoparticles, adhesion, wetting, adsorption regulations, and single molecule devices.

He received his doctoral degree in organic chemistry from Lviv Polytechnic University and his doctorate of science in macromolecular chemistry from the Institute of Physical Chemistry at the National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine. Minko, a member of the American Chemical Society and the American Physical Society, has 16 patents and more than 120 professional publications.

Clarkson University, located in Potsdam, New York, is a private, nationally ranked university with a reputation for developing innovative leaders in engineering, business, the sciences, health sciences and the humanities. At Clarkson, 3, 000 high-ability students excel in an environment where learning is not only positive, friendly and supportive but spans the boundaries of traditional disciplines and knowledge. Faculty members achieve international recognition for their research and scholarship and connect students to their leadership potential in the marketplace through dynamic, real-world problem solving.

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