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Video Game Design Lecture at Clarkson University

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Rohrer will present his observations from the front lines of the 'games as art' debate, with the goal of inspiring game developers, artists and players alike to change their perceptions of games as a capable art form.Jrohrer

Rohrer's work has continued to change the definition of video games, pushing the medium toward new frontiers by exploring subtle aspects of the human condition. His most recent release, "Passage," has seen 60,000 downloads in its first two months and has been hailed as revolutionary by dozens of journalists:

The Wall Street Journal's extensive review of "Passage" can be found at

This event is co-sponsored by Clarkson University's IDEA (Interactive Digital Entertainment & Arts) Club and the newly developed Digital Arts & Sciences major, which utilizes the important balance between both the artistic and scientific aspects of technology in our society.

For details about the event and the IDEA Club, please contact Peter Jones at 603-553-6705 or

For more information about the Digital Arts & Sciences major at Clarkson University, please contact Assistant Professor Dave Beck at 315-268-4205 or

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