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Clarkson Computer Science Major Computes Savings on Electric Scooter

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In the high tech world of software development and design faster is definitely better.Clarkson Computer Science Major Computes Savings on Electric Scooter

But when Clarkson University computer science major Mamoon Hajja heads to class every day he forgets about the importance of speed for awhile.

Instead he simply hops on his Wal-Mart electric scooter - and cruises to class in the slow lane.

"My average speed in the village is about 15 miles per hour," according to Hajja, a 25-year-old Clarkson computer science graduate student who hails from Jordan. "I can go 18 miles in an hour maximum. And up to 20 miles on one charge.

Hajja is one of a growing number of North Country residents looking for a way to beat the high price of gasoline, and he says his new Schwinn Electric Scooter from the world's most famous big box retailer is doing a pretty good job

"I bought it four days ago," he said. "It costs $300 new at the Wal-Mart but I bought it from a friend of mine who sold it to me for $150."

Hajja said he wakes up to find his electric scooter completely charged and ready to go every morning -- if he remembers to plug it in over night.

He claims one charge of the battery pack gives him enough juice to go to computer science classes at Clarkson, zip off to his part-time job on the other side of town, grab a bite to eat at lunch and then head back across town to his apartment at the end of the day.

Although he has only owned the machine for a few days, he says he likes it so far.

But the future scientist also says if he was the one in charge of designing the little electric scooter there would have to be a few changes.

"I would not make it go faster. I think 18 miles is suitable," he explained. "But I would make the battery bigger so you could go farther."

Hajja said he would also add a built in light on the front of the little machine since he was told by police that he needed both a helmet - and a front light - to make the scooter street legal.

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