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Clarkson University Professors Receive Top Marks From Critics

Clarkson University Physics Professor Physics Daniel ben-Avraham and Assistant Professor of Mathematics Takashi Nishikawa recently received top reviews for a paper they published in Physical Review E, a leading journal published by the American Physical Society.

The paper was co-written by Clarkson mathematics graduate student Jie Sun of Shanghai, China.

In the report of the critic, or "referee," the group's paper, titled "Sequence Nets," was "written with great clarity and precision" and is "without blemish."

Of the news, ben-Avraham said, "We are flattered. Networks have been a very hot topic in physics lately, and being singled out among the avalanche of papers on the subject feels particularly good."

The group's sequence nets serve as suitable models of these everyday-life complex nets, but are much simpler to work with.

The referee concluded, "This paper presents an elegant and useful formalism for classifying and analyzing networks. . . [it] has great future potential and influence."

"This paper is on a new idea we have stumbled upon," said Ben-Avraham, He has been conducting research on complex networks for eight years, but was recently joined by Nishikawa.

"We are definitely interested in further work on sequence nets, and depending on the progress, we may have another publication in the near future," said Nishikawa.

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