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Board of Trustees Statement: The U.S.A. Economy and Clarkson University

Following its Annual Meeting on Saturday, October 18, the Clarkson University Board of Trustees issued the following statement on the U.S.A. economy and Clarkson University:

Never before in Clarkson's history has it been more urgent to support Clarkson's faculty and students as they direct their pursuits to the pressing challenges that define these times. With consistent and strong financial management, a history of prudent operations, and the commitment of Clarkson's Board of Trustees and its alumni, Clarkson remains in a position to continue to pursue its campus master plan and to continue its commitment to make a Clarkson education available for all who are qualified to enroll.

It is Clarkson's long history, its legacy and its motto to educate the workman that needeth not to be ashamed and it is the workman that will bring prosperity back to America.

Clarkson is:

  • Moving forward with construction projects on campus that will sustain and bring jobs vital to the North Country as well as provide the facilities needed to advance the priorities in Clarkson's long-range strategic plan.
  • Redoubling its efforts to partner with American industry to bring innovative research solutions into the marketplace, particularly in areas of expertise such as renewable energy and advanced materials processing, and to use its vast network of employer relationships to place students into important careers that are the backbone of the knowledge-based economy.
  • Continuing to be an institution that gives its students financial aid (currently more than 95 percent of the student body) ensuring access to a college education that prepares them for the rigors of the business world.

    Paralysis of vision and resources will not serve America well.

    President Anthony G. Collins shared a message with the Clarkson Community earlier this month that includes a metaphor about the Potsdam sandstone mined in quarries of Clarkson namesake Thomas S. Clarkson and the resiliency of the education enterprise. We share this confidence in Clarkson's future and encourage all who choose to associate themselves with Clarkson to roll up their sleeves, join us and defy convention.

    Clarkson University Board of Trustees
    October 18, 2008

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