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Clarkson University to Partner in New York State Public-Private Partnerships to Prepare More Than 6,000 High-School Students for High-Skill Jobs

Clarkson University is part of the winning North Country New York State Pathways in Technology Early College High School (NYS P-TECH) partnership announced today by New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

The Governor announced 16 winners of a statewide competition to form public-private partnerships that will prepare more than 6,000 New York high school students for high-skill jobs in technology, manufacturing and healthcare. Students will earn an associate degree at no cost to their families and will be first in line for jobs with participating companies when they graduate.

The expertise of Clarkson University faculty, staff, and graduate students, in conjunction  with  Clinton  Community  College  staff,  will  be  leveraged  to  transform  the educational experience  and  meet  the professional development  needs of the  ADK P-TECH faculty and the workforce prep needs of the students, through the Clarkson Office of Educational Partnerships, under the leadership of Mary Margaret Small.  

Clarkson personnel will support the development of rigorous project-based  teaching units and play the role of "critical friend" to assure that the workforce related interpersonal  skills   are embedded in the learning experiences.  Clarkson faculty and career counseling staff will provide content mentoring for P-Tech faculty to insure a depth a knowledge appropriate to support high tech curricula and workforce skills, and  will provide seminars for the P-Tech students to develop workforce awareness, and "soft" skills for employment.  Summer research opportunities will also be available to P-Tech teachers. In addition, Clarkson graduate students will   lead students through a collaborative capstone design project of their choice to develop teamwork, problem solving, and communication skills.

The ADK P-TECH proposal embodies the North Country Regional Economic Development Council’s vision to mobilize the creativity and capacity of the graduates of our outstanding institutions of higher learning, with the key strategy of recognizing the North Country’s  higher  education  cluster  and  design  and  implement  incentives  for  collaborative research and entrepreneurial activities among and between partners. The ADK P-TECH collaboration offers a unique and innovative design framework with a specific focus on transformational education.

Clarkson University is the leader in hands-on, project-based education, complimented by job shadowing and professional internships.  

You can view the Governor’s full news release at .

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