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Green Sheets/Schedule & Accommodations Reports

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A Schedule & Accommodations Report, commonly referred to as a Green Sheet, is a copy of your semester schedule with places for your professors to sign and a list of your accommodations (not your disability).

Picking Up Your Green Sheet
Obtaining Signatures on Green Sheets
What to Discuss at Green Sheet Meeting

Picking Up Your Green Sheet
Students who are new to the Office of AccessABILITY Services (OAS) will need an appointment to meet with the Director for an intake interview in order to obtain a Green Sheet.  Returning OAS students may simply pick up their Green Sheets, and sign their Contract and Ethics Agreement on the first day of classes each semester.  An e-mail prior to the start of each semester will advise returning OAS students of the hours and location for picking up Green Sheets.

Obtaining Signatures on Green Sheets
Students will need to meet with each professor in whose class accommodations are being requested.  Obtaining the professor’s signature indicates to OAS that:

  1. You would like the professor to be notified of your status as a student with a disability registered with the Office of AccessABILITY Services. 
  2. You have met with your professor to discuss your accommodations. (You do not have to discuss your disability, except under very rare circumstances, and OAS staff will discuss that need with you.)
  3. You have discussed whether the professor uses OAS testing services or provides accommodations himself/herself.

Should your professor user our testing services, the professor’s signature also authorizes us to administer exams to you on his/her behalf, as long as we don’t change the exam time.

If your professor is new and does not understand why he/she is signing the Green Sheet, there is an explanation on the back of the paper.

What to Discuss at Green Sheet Meeting
When you meet with your professor to get your Green Sheet signed you may want to discuss some of the following, if they are pertinent to your accomodations:

  1. Does the professor use OAS testing services?  If not, how does the professor want you to deal with accessing services? Can the professor provide you with all of your accommodations if you test with him/her?
  2. Will you have any scheduling conflicts with exams for the course?  If you use extended time, will you miss another class?  If so, you will need to work out a resolution to the exam conflict.
  3. Does the professor post notes on-line?  This may affect whether you need to use a note taker, if that is one of your possible accommodations.
  4. Does the professor give exams during class time or in the evening?  Ask this if the information is not provided in the syllabus for the course.
  5. Does the professor give in-class quizzes?  Will you have enough time to complete the quizzes?  Will pop quizzes be given at the beginning or end of class?
  6. Is it appropriate for you to record the lecture, if this is one of your possible accommodations?  Would the professor like you to complete a Recorded Lecture Contract?
  7. How does the professor prefer to communicate - during office hours, by appointment, or via e-mail?  Ask this if the information is not provided in the syllabus for the course.