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Exam and Class Conflicts

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Students who use testing accommodations frequently have conflicts with classes and exams.  Students may not be asked to skip a class they have paid to take in order to take an exam.  Usually these conflicts can be resolved in a manner that overlaps your exam and protects its integrity.  However, there are times when a student will need to take an exam at a totally different time than the class.  You may choose to give the same exam or write a comparable exam in such situations.  We try very hard to catch all exam conflicts at the start of the semester.  This is easier for us to do when exam dates and times are posted on the syllabus.

If the student is going to have conflicts with the regular semester exams and you are able to reach an acceptable agreement for an alternate start time, please note that on the Green Sheet when you sign it.  Then we will have a record indicating that we have your permission to change the start time.  If the conflict is not noticed or resolved at the Green Sheet signing, please notify us via e-mail that the student may enter the exam request for a different time than the class administration time.