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Exam Coversheets

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When a student signs up to take your exam with us, you receive a coversheet via email 3 days prior to exam administration.  

Exam coversheets are your presence in the testing room.  Please thoroughly complete them.

Exam coversheets generated by OAS through PeopleSoft indicate the date and time your exams will be administered.  Please ensure that it reflects your arrangement with the student(s).

If we are administering the same exam at different times, you will be given a coversheet for each start time.  Please complete each coversheet and package the exams by start time. Occasionally, a coversheet will have more than one page and the second page will indicate that another student is taking the exam in a different location. Please package these separately so we are not carrying loose exams to different locations.

Our coversheets also contain the names of students who have signed up to take your exam at OAS.  Please do not add names to the list without contacting us.  We may not have space or proctors to cover additions.  Likewise, we will contact you if we have reason to add a student to the list.

Students testing with OAS must have access to you during the exam if other testing students have the ability to interact with you during the exam.  Therefore, it is important that you provide information regarding how we may contact you during the full extended time period allotted for the exam. 

If you make announcements to the class, please include them.  If you read directions or give reminders to the class, please request that we do so as well. 

If you make any exam corrections, please contact the office at extension 7643 or email them.  Do not e-mail corrections without first calling the office to see if someone is here to receive the e-mail.  If we are out at meetings or with students we may not get the information until it is too late.  That being said, the e-mailed corrections are very helpful for tricky corrections! For exams administered after office hours, please use the proctor tracfone number.  However, if you need to reach Loren Nowak, you may contact him at his home number which is listed in the University directory.

Exams are picked up and delivered to Department secretaries so please indicate their locations by building and room number.  Names are also nice, but student couriers do not always know where to go based on secretary names alone. 

Please provide detailed instructions for administering your exam.  Our proctors are extremely careful about checking allowed materials, so your clarity in indicating what is allowed for the exam makes starting the exam less stressful for all.  

If we are administering your exam at an earlier time than the class time and you would like OAS students to remain in the testing room until after the class exam is underway, please indicate on the coversheet that OAS students are to remain until 15 minutes past the class start time.  For example, if OAS students are starting the exam at 7:00 p.m. and the class is starting at 8:00 p.m., you may want to indicate that OAS students remain in the testing room until 8:15 p.m.  However, we cannot hold students for unreasonable lengths of time.   Please note that OAS does not start any evening exams later than 7:00 p.m., nor do we test past 10:00 p.m.  On Fridays our testing center closes at 4:00 p.m., so Friday exam start times may need to be adjusted.

On the coversheet we request that you indicate the time allowed for the in-class exam.  Do not calculate extended time.