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Exam Delivery and Return

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Our couriers will go to Department offices to pick up your exam if you request that service. To schedule courier service call the OAS at extension 7643 or send an email to  You may also respond directly from your exam request email to  Please be prepared to give us your Department secretary’s location by building and room number. Couriers go out each day at 9:00am and 3:00pm.

Exams may not be faxed or emailed, except under special circumstances. You may choose to mail your exams, but please leave time allowance for delays in arrival. This has proven to be risky given that mail is delivered only once a day. We would prefer that you contact us if our regular courier service will not work for you. We will arrange for a different time for a pick up if we are able to do so.

We request that exams be received the afternoon before a morning administration and the morning before afternoon and evening administration. We process all exams when they arrive by copying the coversheet, recording on our schedule that the exam has arrived and making sure it is in the appropriate location for delivery to the exam location. If you cannot get the exam to us well ahead of administration, please contact us and let us know when we can expect to receive it. Please do not bring exams so late that the students and proctors are waiting for the exam. It causes significant anxiety for students, proctors and office staff when exams are not here at the scheduled start time.

We do our best to return daytime exams to Department secretaries as soon as they are completed.  However, if students finish during the lunch hour, we do not attempt to return the exams, as Department Secretaries are not in their offices.  These exams will be held and returned by our 3:00 p.m. courier.   Late afternoon and evening exams will be returned by our 9:00 a.m. courier.  If you would prefer to pick up your exams after the students have finished, please indicate this clearly on your coversheet and we will hold the exam for you. We are also happy to call you when exams are completed if you make that request and indicate it on the coversheet.