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Semester Start:

Incoming students exit the OAS intake process with a Schedule & Accommodations Report (Green Sheet) for professors to sign.  Returning students may pick up their Green Sheet and sign their Ethics Agreement and Service Contract in our testing classroom on the first day of classes anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.  

Students are responsible for connecting with each professor in whose class accommodations are being requested to discuss those accommodations and obtain the faculty members’ signatures.  Students must produce the professor's signature on the Green Sheet in order to submit an Exam Request Form.

In the top right hand corner of the Green Sheet there are codes for accommodations and a brief description.  If a student has an accommodation such as ATTEND – Flexible Attendance you will be contacted by OAS before the student approaches you.  This accommodation and recorded lectures both require separate agreements to become effective.  If you see INDACC – Individual Accommodation, you will be contacted by OAS in the event that the accommodation pertains to your course.

The signing of a Green Sheet is something that is not optional, whether you provide the accommodations or OAS does that for you.  It protects the rights of the students with an official notification of their coverage under the ADA and also protects the university.

Obtaining the faculty member’s signature indicates to OAS that:
  • The student would like the faculty member to be sent an e-mail notification of his/her status as a student with disability-related documentation on file with the Office of AccessABILITY Services. 
  • The student has met with the faculty member to discuss his/her accommodations. (Students do not have to discuss their disability, nor should you ask them to do so.   The exceptions would be in the rare instances when the instructor must know the nature of the disability in order to provide a specific accommodation – i.e. assistive listening device, class materials in a format for assistive technology, etc.
  • The student and faculty member have discussed whether the faculty member will be using OAS testing services or, in cases where it is possible and appropriate, provide accommodations himself/herself.  There will be times when a student’s Green Sheet simply says Extended Time, but the student may want/need to test with OAS due to the special nature of his/her disability.  OAS would not be able to share the reason with you because of confidentiality.  
  • Should the instructor choose to use OAS testing services, the signature authorizes OAS to administer exams to the student on his/her behalf for the entire semester, as long as we don’t change the administration time. 
  • If course-specific software is used for your exams, we will not be able to administer the exam, but we will certainly work with you to ensure an appropriate environment for your students, should you request our assistance.

Green Sheet Conversations:

These are some of the questions we encourage students to discuss, as pertinent to their needs, when obtaining signatures:
  • Does the professor use OAS testing services?  If not, how does the professor want you to deal with accessing services? Can the professor provide you with all of your accommodations if you test with him/her?  Is the environment one in which you will feel comfortable?
  • Will you have any scheduling conflicts with exams for the course?  If you use extended time, will you miss another class?  If so, you will need to work out a resolution to the exam conflict.
  • Does the professor give exams during class time or in the evening?  Ask this if the information is not provided in the syllabus for the course.
  • Does the professor give in-class quizzes?  Will you have enough time to complete the quizzes?  Will pop quizzes be given at the beginning or end of class?
  • Does the professor post notes on-line?  This may affect whether you need to use a note taker, if that is one of your possible accommodations.
  • If you use assistive technology for note-taking, have you discussed this with your professor? 
  • If you have the accommodation of recorded lectures, does the professor want you to complete a Recorded Lecture Contract?
  • How does the professor prefer to communicate - during office hours, by appointment, or via e-mail? Ask this if the information is not provided in the syllabus for the course.

If a student will be using assistive technology or will need a note taker for your course, or has flexible attendance as a possible accommodation, OAS staff will be contacting you.