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Other Accommodations Requiring Meetings with OAS Staff

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If you have a student in your class who uses accommodations beyond “typical” testing accommodations (e.g. extended time, a distraction-reduced environment, and/or a separate testing location), OAS staff will contact you requesting a brief meeting to explain those accommodations and determine the best way to accommodate the student within your course. These meetings are also your chance to ask any questions related to the student’s accommodations.

It is important to schedule these meetings in a timely manner as some accommodations will need to be in effect on the first day of class. It is also helpful to have spoken with OAS Staff before the student requests a Green Sheet meeting. 


Exam Layout
Corrections and Supplementary Information


Include a Disability Statement in Your Syllabus

Here is a sample, but feel free to write your own:

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

In compliance with Clarkson University policy and equal access laws, I am available to discuss appropriate academic accommodations that may be required for students with disabilities.  Students are encouraged to register with the Office of AccessABILITY Services, located in Price Hall, to verify their eligibility for appropriate accommodations.

Clearly state policies, due dates and course requirements



Employ different modalities of presentation in class.  Bloom's Taxonomy is a wonderful resource for coming up with different ways to achieve course objectives and incorporate diversity into your teaching.

Speak what you write on the board.

Are students having a difficult time following you during your lectures?  Here are some ideas: Write what you speak.  Use overviews or outlines.  Encourage students to visit you during office hours.

Outlines, either on the board, on Moodle in advance or available during lectures, help all students.

  • Post information on Moodle outlining information to be covered so that students may access it prior to the lecture.
  • Provide students with PowerPoint handouts of lectures either before class (preferable) or at the beginning of class.
  • Provide a handout at the beginning of class that outlines the major points to be discussed.

Providing charts and diagrams is helpful.

Options to meet objectives, including collaborative learning, allow students to let their strengths shine.



Students who fail to Sign Up with OAS for Exams

Students testing with OAS are responsible for requesting accommodative services in a timely manner and following our policies and procedures. If a student fails to request an exam with 7 days' notice, professors who use our testing facilities and have made this arrangement clear to the students when signing Green Sheets, may not be in a position to provide last minute accommodations for a student for that exam. If you cannot accommodate the student, then student will need to take the exam with the rest of the class and without accommodations, unless you choose to have the student take the exam at a later date and time.

If you change the date or time of an exam, or your exam dates are listed as to be announced (TBA) or as falling within a range of dates on your syllabus, it is your responsibility to notify OAS of the actual date and time of the exam at least 7 days in advance of the exam administration. See the Requirements for Student Exam Requests tab for more information about your responsibilities.  

Faculty who use our testing services and are concerned about their ability to provide accommodations for students who miss our exam request deadline may choose to communicate a statement such as this by blind copy email, on the syllabus or via Moodle: 

I use the testing services provided by the Office of AccessABILITY Services, so please make sure that you sign up for each of your exams at least 7 days in advance of our test dates.  The exam dates are posted on the syllabus (announced in class, posted on Moodle…) If you fail to follow that procedure, then I cannot guarantee that I will be able to provide you with your accommodations for the exams, and you may need to take the exam with the rest of the class and without accommodations.

If you expect your exam dates will change or are unable to provide firm dates on your syllabus, encourage students to still submit exam requests and mark the date of the exam as TBA.


Instructor Administered Exams

If the faculty member always provides accommodations for the student, then arrangements regarding prior exam notification are up to the professor and should be clearly communicated to the student and preferably also noted in an e-mail.

Look at the layout of your exam:

  • Have you left enough spacing between questions?
  • Are your margins wide enough to keep the page from looking cluttered?
  • Is the entire question on the same page?
  • Are your answer selections for multiple choice questions listed vertically rather than horizontally?
  • If using a blue book or separate paper for recording answers, how much copying of information from one place to another is required? 
  • Are students with dyslexia making errors because they are not copying information correctly?


Corrections and Supplementary Information:

If the Office of AccessAbility Services is administering your exam, make sure that students testing away from the class get the same information as the students in the class.  If you find an error on your exam, make a correction, provide supplementary information, or make an important announcement to the class, call the office at 268-7643 during office hours, or the proctor tracfone at 244-3836 after office hours. If you need to email OAS an exam correction, please send it to