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Office of Educational Partnerships

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The Office of Educational Partnerships (OEP) provides structure, coordination and support for the growing number of educational outreach programs on campus. A University-level effort to support educational outreach will help to improve our outreach offerings, our relationships with area school districts, and our ability to secure external funding for both education and research activities.

The role of universities in supporting the education of children in K-12 levels is becoming increasingly important. Professional societies, corporate foundations, and federal funding agencies recognize the need for University-school district partnerships and are offering funding directly for the development of partnerships and integration of University-level research efforts into the education of K-12 students.

Examples of these activities are the inclusion of K-12 students and teachers in proposed research activities, participation in the recruitment and training of K-12 math, science and technology teachers, and development of educational materials for students at all levels. Other major funding initiatives from the National Science Foundation, New York State and NASA, among others, require K-12 outreach as part of the education plan.

Numerous faculty at Clarkson University are currently involved with or interested in increasing their efforts in educational outreach. The Office of Educational Partnerships (OEP) provides training and advice, coordinates activities and acts as the primary liaison between the University and area school districts. Institutionalization of the various current and proposed outreach activities will:

  • Increase the effectiveness and coordination of Clarkson's programs
  • Provide a "clearing house" for proposed outreach activities that may be initiated at the University, or requests that may come from local schools.
  • Encourage more faculty members to become involved with such activities.
Clarkson's student's board game wins prize
The Energy Choices Board Game that encourages middle school-age children to make smart energy decisions took first place in the Jefferson County Energy Smart Expo competition.