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New Student Guide & CU Lingo

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What you are about to read is a behind-the-scenes look at Clarkson, meant just for you, a new member of the Clarkson Family! This booklet also incorporates valuable information about the Potsdam community.  Allow the following pages to guide you in your new adventure, and be sure to take advantage of the resources now at your fingertips. Best wishes as you begin your journey.... Read the New Student Guide or download the PDF.

Clarkson Lingo

AC  Area Coordinator (full-time live-in staff who oversee RDs and RAs)
Aero Aeronautical engineer
ARAMARK Campus dining service
CAMP Center for Advanced Materials Processing (Engineering building)
ChemE Chemical engineer
CivE Civil engineer
Concrete Café Food service area in 3rd floor Science Center
CU  Clarkson University
CU and Me Website for accepted students:
CUB Clarkson Union Board (campus programming board)
CUPO Community of Underrepresented Professional Opportunities
CUSA Clarkson University Student Association (student government)
CUSB Clarkson University School of Business
DB Declining Balance: money on student ID card used to purchase food
Dead Week Week of studying before final exams
E&M Engineering and Management
ERC Educational Resource Center (library and Student Affairs offices)
FE Fundamentals of Engineering Exam
Forum Videowall and stairs/seating in Student Center
FYS First Year Seminar (mandatory class for first-year students)
Healthy Pantry Food service area in Hamlin Powers
Hill Campus Portion of Clarkson University on the "hill" (Clarkson Avenue)
Integrator Campus newspaper
IRC Indoor Recreational Center- includes Fieldhouse and Alumni Gym
ISE Institute for a Sustainable Environment
ISO International Student Organization
ISSO International Students and Scholars Office
Java Java City: food and beverage service on first floor of Student Center
Late Knight Series of fun/social events on Friday/Saturday nights
MechE Mechanical  engineer
Moodle Online classroom- used in FYS
MPRs Multi-Purpose Rooms- located on top floor of Student Center
New Dorms Graham and Price Hall
New Snell B.H. Snell (academic building)
O Chem Organic Chemistry
OIT Office of Information Technology
Old Snell Downtown campus- includes theater
P Chem Physical Chemistry
PeopleSoft Database to enroll in classes, view grades, etc.
Pit Hamlin-Powers Residence Halls
Pit Path Path from Moore House to Hamlin Powers
Pod POD- campus convenience store on lower level of Student Center
Quad Reynolds, Brooks, Ross, and Cubley residence halls
RA Resident Advisor
RD Resident Director (student staff who oversee RAs)
Ro Bro Ross Brooks Dining Hall
SAS Student Administrative Services
Servery Food service area in Student Center
SPEED Student Projects for Engineering Experience and Design
SSC Student Success Center (Accommodative Services, First Year Advising, Tutoring)
State SUNY Potsdam
TAC Technology Advancement Center (between Science Center & ERC)
Virtual Game Room Video-gaming room on lower level of Student Center
Walker Walker Arena (next to Kinney)
WCKN Clarkson Television Station
WiSE Women in Science and Engineering (theme floor)
WTSC Clarkson radio station "91.1 The Source"