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All students are required to complete supervised fieldwork experiences as part of the Clarkson Occupational Therapy program. Fieldwork provides an opportunity to complement your academic preparation with the application of theory and course content to practice, to further develop and refine clinical skills, and to establish professional relationships with supervisors and future colleagues. Fieldwork consists of Level I placements after the first two semesters of instruction and Level II placements following the completion of all coursework. The student fieldwork manual and related information (i.e. fieldwork dates and site data) will be available to students through our Clarkson OT E-Value website, as well as the OT 700, 705 & 710 Moodle sites.  

Fieldwork experiences occur in sequence throughout our program and are designed to give the student the best learning opportunity. Students must participate in the fieldwork experiences in the appropriate sequence (refer to the curriculum). Students must complete all Level II fieldwork requirements within one year after completion of the academic coursework. If circumstances arise and a student needs to complete fieldwork outside of the one-year timeline, students can petition and the case will be reviewed by the faculty. Approval is needed to extend fieldwork placements.