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Fieldwork can be likened to the Thomas Edison of academia at Clarkson University’s Department of Occupational Therapy! It is a time where “light bulbs” go off as students begin to make connections between didactic instruction and occupational therapy practice. Fieldwork provides an opportunity for students to synthesize didactic coursework with clinical skills by applying theoretical and scientific constructs throughout the occupational therapy process, understanding and integrating the occupational needs of various client populations, refining clinical skills through evidence based practice and establishing professional collaborative relationships with supervisors and future colleagues. 

Students engage in two Level I fieldwork experiences. The first is a 2-week full-time rotation and the second is embedded during the fall or spring semester of the second academic year to allow simultaneous classroom and clinical education opportunities. This fieldwork experience runs one day per week for 10 weeks. Students will enhance their understanding of occupation across the lifespan and explore factors, including psycho-social, that influence occupational performance. Students begin to cultivate not only professionalism but their professional identity.

Level II fieldwork experiences occur at the end of all academic coursework. Students are required to complete two 12-week fieldwork experiences.  Level II fieldwork experiences are designed to promote practice skills reflective of current evidence, enhance clinical reasoning skills and to develop entry-level competence.