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Estimated Costs

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Estimated program-related costs for the Clarkson Occupational Therapy Program are based on rates for the 2016-2017 academic year:

Tuition – approximately $14,962 (per semester, 3x per year)
Estimated Book Costs – $1,000
Grad Residential Program Res Fee – $450 (fall and spring semester)
Health Science Software Fee – $250 (first semester only)
Health Science Lab Fee – $125 (fall and spring semester)

Students are also responsible for a number of expenses that are difficult to estimate due to variations in students' schedules and their personal needs and tastes. These include primary housing, living expenses, personal health care insurance, recreation, etc. These expenses are not included in the estimate offered above.

Financial aid is available to qualified students. Information related to graduate financial aid is available through Student Financial Services.