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Pre-requisites & Requirements

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Pre-requisites for the MSOT Program at Clarkson University


General Psychology                                3 credits

Human Anatomy                                 3+ credits

Abnormal Psychology                              3 credits

Human Physiology                               3+ credits

Developmental Psychology                      3 credits

English Composition/
Critical Thinking                                    6 credits

Statistics                                                   3 credits

Social Sciences (Anthropology,            6 credits
Humanities, Philosophy, Sociology)               

Biology (in addition to A&P)                     3 credits

Physics or Kinesiology                          3 credits


Scientific Writing                                       3 credits

Communication/Public Speaking              3 credits

Supplemental Application Requirement:

3D skill/craft: The 3D requirement may be fulfilled by a college course or a portfolio of individual work (i.e., self-taught or outside a university setting) involving actual hands-on manipulation of media/materials. Examples include a 3D science or engineering project, woodworking, sculpting, loom work, fly tying, boat making, electric car construction, ceramics, sewing, beading, knitting, etc. Should be the equivalent of 45 hours of work or 3 credits.

*Human Anatomy and Physiology may be taken in the following combinations only:
    Human Anatomy (3 or more credits) + Human Physiology (3 or more credits) OR
    Anatomy & Physiology I (3 or more credits) + Anatomy & Physiology II (3 or more credits)
*Transfer credits from other OT programs are not accepted as waivers for the MSOT curriculum.