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Clarkson University Master's in Occupational Therapy Program (MSOT) Mission Statement:

The Occupational Therapy Department at Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y., serves the health needs of the community through preparation of occupational therapy graduates who engineer solutions that enable health and wellbeing throughout an individual’s lifespan.

We believe in the right for all individuals to live their lives with dignity regardless of any disability or barriers to living life to the fullest.

Our graduates will use occupations as both interventions and outcomes to promote an individual’s adaptation to biological, psychological and contextual factors that have interrupted the ability to engage in occupations that have meaning and purpose in the individual’s life.

Our program is designed to change the world through occupational therapy. We develop professionals with deep cultural sensitivity toward the unique needs of rural and underserved populations living with disability. Our graduates will have advanced interprofessional competencies in areas of technology, innovation and education.

Our Occupational Therapy Program is committed to graduating therapists who are prepared to respond to both current and emerging societal needs that influence individual’s occupations. We integrate experiential learning to help students develop internalized working models for activating occupational therapy in culturally diverse, innovative practice settings.

The Occupational Therapy Program at Clarkson is committed to expanding the knowledge of the profession through interprofessional scholarship and practice.

THE AMERICAN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY ASSOCIATION’S CENTENNIAL VISION: “We envision that occupational therapy is a powerful, widely recognized, science-driven and evidence-based profession with a globally connected and diverse workforce meeting society’s occupational needs.” (AOTA, 2007)