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Ali Boolani, PhD, CSCS, CES, PES
Assistant Professor
B.A.- Tulane University- International Relations- 2002
M.A.- Tulane University- International Relations- 2003
M.Ed.- University of New Orleans- Health and Human Performance- 2006
Ph.D.- Oklahoma State University- Health and Human Performance- 2009


I currently teach the physiology section of Basic Sciences I PA 504), II (PA 505) and III (PA 506)in the Department of Physicians Assistant and Exercise Physiology (PT 515) and Writing and Presenting Research (PT 648) in the Department of Physical Therapy.


My primary research interest is the prevention of falls and fall related injuries and injuries in athletes. More specifically my research focuses on identifying and correcting risk factors for falls in older adults and injuries in athletes. My short- and long-term goals in these areas of research are:

Short-term goals:

1)      Identify the role of cognitive and physical fatigue in biomechanical factors that lead to increased risk of falls.

2)      Identify the role of pain in cognitive, physical fatigue and fall risks.

3)      Identify the role of cognitive and physical fatigue that lead to injuries in athletes.

4)      Identify the role of cognition in sports performance.

5)      Identify the physiological changes that lead to changes in feelings of fatigue and vigor with exercise

Long-term goals:

1)      Develop interventions for physically and cognitively fatigued older adults to reduce risks for falls and fall related injuries.

2)      Develop interventions for physically and cognitively fatigued athletes to reduce risks for sports related injuries.

3)      Develop cognitive techniques to improve sports performance.

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Ali Boolani