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Key Campus Contacts & Resources

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Key Contacts/Resources

The following is a list of some of the key contacts and resource offices you may need while your son or daughter is at Clarkson. Other contacts can be found at

Accommodative Services 315-268-7643
Admission Office 800-527-6577
Campus Safety & Security 315-268-6666
Career Center/International Study 315-268-6477
Dean of Students Office 315-268-6620
First-Year Advising (academic) 315-268-3948
Health & Counseling 315-268-6633
Information Desk 315-268-6400
Mailroom 315-268-6416
Residence Life Office (housing) 315-268-6642
Student Administrative Services  
(financial aid, student accounts, billing, student employment)   
Student Organizations Office 315-268-2345
Student Support Services (academic help) 315-268-2209
Vice President for Enrollment & Student Advancement 315-268-6461
University Bookstore 315-265-9260