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Graduate Overview

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The Department of Physics offers accredited M.S. and Ph.D. programs. The master's program has a non-thesis option. Diverse faculty research interests present students with a variety of research possibilities, funded both by federal agencies, such as the National Science Foundation, and private sources. The low student-to-faculty ratio has made it possible to maintain an intimate and friendly atmosphere and a strong tradition of undergraduate and graduate research participation.

In recent years the Physics Department has been the focus of a major project to develop research efforts in the areas of Biological Physics, Nanotechnology, Surface Physics and Quantum Computers. To promote and enhance interdepartmental interaction and cooperation, the faculty is involved in the activities of the University's Center for Advanced Materials Processing, Institute for Nonlinear Studies, and Center for Quantum Device Technology.

Campus computing facilities include a network of numerous IBM, DEC and SUN workstations. Our Campus Information Service (CIS) provides a campus-wide, high-speed LAN interconnecting Clarkson with computing power and data bases around the world.