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Pre-Health Professions

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Science Programs That Provide Guidance and the Right Combination of Skills and Knowledge for Future Professional Development

For someone who wants to make a positive difference in people's lives, few fields offer the fulfillment and exciting challenges of Health Professions. Career possibilities vary widely, from patient-focused health care professions to research science in laboratories. In every health-related field today, you'll find a revolution being driven by advances in science and technology. That's why a technological university provides an ideal foundation for careers in the health sciences, medicine or health care. At Clarkson, you will acquire knowledge and master skills to make you more effective and more adaptable at every stage of your career.Clarkson

University/Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) Early Acceptance Program.
The Clarkson University/LECOM Early Acceptance Program has been established for exceptional high school seniors who wish to attend medical school. Students who are admitted to this program will be granted admission to LECOM the fall semester following graduation from Clarkson. 

How does pre-medical sciences help you?
Clarkson will guide you with specialized advising in Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, and Pre-Veterinary Science. If you concentrate in Pre-Physical Therapy, you can enroll directly in Clarkson's own Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. The University also offers a series of Introduction to Healthcare seminars that acquaint students with issues such as professionalism, health delivery systems, medical ethics, and the research basis for clinical care.

Being accepted to medical school and other professional programs.
In recent years, Clarkson graduates have been accepted by a large number of different professional schools. These include Upstate Medical University, University of Rochester, University of Vermont, Washington University, and Mount Sinai Medical Center. They have enrolled in Dental Schools such as the University of Pennsylvania and SUNY Buffalo, and in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. For those interested in physical therapy, satisfactory completion of Clarkson's undergraduate Pre-Physical Therapy concentration guarantees admission to the University's own Doctor of Physical Therapy degree program.

What are Clarkson's interdisciplinary strengths?
From diagnosis to treatment, change has become a constant in the health sciences. This is especially true at the intersection of disciplines, such as engineering and medicine, psychology and physiology, health and computers, or toxicology and management. People with cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills are the best prepared to contribute at these dynamic interfaces. Thus the interdisciplinary opportunities of Clarkson's curriculum can give you a distinctive career advantage.


“The University’s strong emphasis on undergraduate research really benefited me. I had a lot of freedom in my research project, working directly with the professor and not a postdoc or graduate student. That makes a big difference.”